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Second day of the 4th Translational Microbiome Conference starts with fascinating keynote from Dr. Julia Oh of Jackson Laboratory about #skin #Microbiome #metagenomics to #therapeutics

Study in @sciencemagazine Researchers from @UCSanDiego, HLI and other partner orgs reveal significant discovery: rare variants passed through fathers contribute to #autism. Made possible through whole genome sequencing + bioinformatics science and analysis https://t.co/IbzGurrMPp

Join us during probably the most successful Life Science Job Fair in the technology location Rhine-Neckar: #CONTACT2018, in German Cancer Research Center (#DKFZ), in Heidelberg. Details: https://t.co/TpiO9gQscs You will find us on our exhibition stand and on a stage.

Great to be here! Very excited to see all the presentations!

On the blog: AACR Annual Meeting 2018: Novel Immunotherapy Combinations to Combat Resistance to Checkpoint Inhibition. https://t.co/uGhJNhBa1l

Tomasz Rzymski and Eliza Majewska @SelvitaKrakow present new data from our CDK8 program at #AACR18

Proceedings in your pocket: The regular abstracts for #AACR18 are now available in eBook file formats for download to Kindle, iPad, and other e-readers: https://t.co/QTnnhS526p

A vaccine for ovarian #cancer using each individual's dendritic cells
https://t.co/xMjVx4H5Wc @ScienceTM @PennMedicine
https://t.co/nlQpsZrRCn by @LATMelissaHealy @latimesscience @latimeshealth


Many kidney tumours have their origins in genetic mutations that occurred 30–50 years before diagnosis, during childhood or adolescence #ResearchHighlight https://t.co/TtSUDdg1sW

New trends in cancer targets at #AACR18 in Chicago. Synthetic lethality on the rise. @SelvitaKrakow is working on it as well with our SMARCA2 program and @Ardigen_SA rocks in microbiome. https://t.co/fat2g8Kbem

It was a pleasure to meet and share our knowledge and experience with a group of almost 60 students passionate about #Bioinformatics and #ArtificialIntelligence in innovative, #PrecisionMedicine. Thank you, #LabDay... https://t.co/v2TV6dTmdQ

Join Selvita CEO @przewiezlikowsk tomorrow at #CancerAdvanceBoston to discuss "Lessons learned from 2017" starting at 9.15 AM !

CheckMate-142 #checkpoint #inhibitors combination results for dMMR/MSI-h mCRC look really good! https://t.co/yQ4Gn1Vhda

This week @CellPressNews published 27 (27!) papers on #cancer #TCGA. This one on cell-of-origin is one of the best https://t.co/JJhzLR9pPo @peterwlaird Hoadley @UNC_Lineberger


#nanopore & #pacbio #sequencing FTW #longreads

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