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Engineering T cels (CAR )is proving to be an important intervention for liquid (leukemia, lymphoma) #cancer. Could a new homing mechanism increase likelihood of impacting solid tumors?
https://t.co/hQ8UiPPpTS @NEJM


Our paper is out! SpliceAI, a deep learning method for predicting the effects of variants on splicing: https://t.co/CVm5TH8NtR. Congrats to the @illumina team!

Long overdue: long read sequencing of 15 people to further our understanding of the abundant structural variation in the human genome
https://t.co/WJphudvLrv @CellCellPress by @UW @uwgenome @GenomeInstitute @peteraudano and collaborators

A massive human #microbiome international metagenomic project greatly expands the number and diversity of microbes https://t.co/3Q3Ff0iZZB @CellCellPress
open-access, by @nsegata @epasolli and colleagues @CellPressNews

#Ardigen #bioinformatician #jobalert #bioinformatics https://t.co/LGkttkaVmA

Dietary fiber to enhance response to immunotherapy through microbiome modulation?
Based on exciting prelim data from our microbiome/diet/melanoma cohort we will be testing this strategy w/controlled feeding study @MDAndersonNews! @carrie_d_mac
@JenWargoMD @DrLCohen @CSpencerPhD https://t.co/6ZgmJOsrjz

Are you gonna be at #PMWC19? Come and meet @Ardigen_SA team at booth #300 #bioinformatics #AI #immunoOncology #PrecisionMedicine

Chemobrain and chemofog from #cancer chemotherapy occurs in at least 60% of patients and was largely unexplained. Now "compelling evidence" that this horrible side-effect is orchestrated by #brain microglia, glial cell circuitry


The striking benefit of dietary fiber: a systematic analysis of 58 trials, 185 observational studies for reduction of all-cause deaths, heart disease, cancer, diabetes https://t.co/91EslCIdmI  @TheLancet


High-Performance Medicine: my @NatureMedicine review of #AI and where we're headed https://t.co/EvUweuCumF
(open-access for 30 days)

@SelvitaKrakow to participate in #BiotechShowcase 2019.
CEO Pawel Przewiezlikowski @przewiezlikowsk will present a corporate overview on January 7, 2019. #biotech #drugdiscovery @EBDgroup
Read more: https://t.co/9aS8KfQXDW

Our new Illustrated Glossary includes a wide range of simple, illustrated definitions of complex key terms. Explore this new feature: https://t.co/6Ixo6ozq1Z

Be part of the industry-defining forum to help discover, develop and deliver the next generation of microbiome-based therapeutic and diagnostic leaders. Join Jan at the Drug Development Summit Europe 2019
#artificialintelligence #precisionmedicine #drugdevelopment #microbiome

#JITC Research: A novel spontaneous hepatocellular carcinoma mouse model for studying T-cell exhaustion in the tumor microenvironment https://t.co/O9TQgY3aw1

Deep learning #AI "primed to revolutionize" #genomics
@NatureGenet @MylesAxton editorial
@atelentia @Pejminister @ATorkamani @ScrippsRTI @scrippsresearch
@czbiohub @StanfordEng @mikaelhuss @karolinskainst

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