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An important #cancer paper on how we've got a big burden of somatic mutations but v small transition -> malignancy
@imartincorena et al @Cambridge_Uni
Well covered by master explainer @carlzimmer @NYTScience as the "cancer paradox"


„Proteogenomics is a multi-omics research approach, which sheds new light on cancer development.” Feel free to visit our blog and read about our second place solution to the recent DREAM-Proteogenomics Challenge: https://t.co/luP77L8YVY

#Ardigen #cancerresearch #proteogenomics

I am looking forward to meeting you in Copenhagen! #BioEurope

1st individualized #cancer vaccine story @sdut A1 by @paulsisson @UCSDHealth + @ljiresearch, a couple of interesting aspects:
—#AI algorithm to determine target neoantigens
—$1M donation by family to support the research made it possible


Vladyslav Hubar an Innovation prize winner at #LSOS18. #ArdigenSA and #biohack are super proud!!! Congratulations!!!
Delivered by Kazimuerz Murzyn the director of @lifescience_pl

We're very excited about taking part in the II National Scientific and Training Conference of Polish Biobanks https://t.co/zKWhFj7RqY
Come and meet us in Wrocław.

#BBMRI #biobanking #PORT #opendata

Eliza Majewska from @SelvitaKrakow on SEL120 mechanism of action at Leukemia and Lymphoma Europe and the USA
Linking Knowledge and Practice conference in Dubrovnik,
@HematologyTimes https://t.co/gDunL5MQwI

Alarming, The things that biostatisticians are asked to do.
@AnnalsofIM @ACPinternists cc @f2harrell @EdwardTufte


Adding #microbiome to the unmet need for diversity list (including geographic)


Join @SelvitaKrakow tomorrow at Leukemia and Lymphoma - Europe and the USA Linking Knowledge and Practice in Dubrovnik for oral poster presentation of SEL120 program targeting leukemias and lymphomas. #drugdiscovery #hematooncology #AML https://t.co/VVBMaaWZX7

What if we #CRISPR'd bacterial infections instead of using antibiotics?
https://t.co/eAvmdlCC2d @NatureBiotech by @nyuschoolofmed


The gut-brain axis has been theorized since the 1850s, but today we're now getting into the nitty-gritty of its circuitry:
@sciencemagazine https://t.co/MeUsS9tJso @CellCellPress


@SelvitaKrakow CEO Pawel @przewiezlikowsk will participate in a panel discussion “The View from the C-Suite” at Bloomberg’s Charting Poland's Future event, on 25 September in London. Save the date!
@bloomberglive #ChartingPolandsFuture https://t.co/tKxAihwTMp

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