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Sztuki walki: Tōgō Dōjō, Chi Ryu


Strain-level analysis of mother-to-child bacterial transmission during the first few months of life https://t.co/MVBOwmKhsS via @cellhostmicrobe

Pang Wei Koh presents a generative model for longitudinal data handling multidimensional aging that is identifiable from cross-sectional data #WCB2018 #ICML2018 #IJCAI2018


Data analytics revolution is evolving rapidly. If you are experienced in working with technologies and techniques for analyzing vast volumes of data - join us! Use your passion and skills in the fight against cancer. More information about the opportunity: https://t.co/UNURqcTg5z

Predicting leukemia in healthy adults
@nature by @UHN @sangerinstitute et al
Using deep sequencing and electronic health records to differentiate from clonal hematopoiesis

We believe that #PrecisionMedicine is the future of #healthcare. If you have a #LifeScience background, a basic knowledge of #MachineLearning and #AI, and you're experienced in #BusinessDevelopment - join our team and expand our solutions! Details: https://t.co/UNURqcTg5z

My lab is hiring post-doctoral research fellows in computational bio & biomedical informatics: join us at @UCSF_BCHSI! E-mail me… https://t.co/gzGeoLN3IF #bioinformatics #jobs #ISMB2018 #ISMB18

It’s the last day of #RICT2018. Come visit us at booth #38 and say “hello” to our team on-site! #drugdiscovery #medchem #booth #exhibition

Another very interesting "Power of investigator initiatives studies" panel discussion @innoshare 2018 biotech forum.

Now this is unusual:
Doctors compared with #AI for diagnosis and triage via chatbot presented clinical vignettes @babylonhealth by @saurabh_johri and colleagues https://t.co/ty3rEZbpUB
Note URL. Instead of a preprint, this is a "corp-print" on the company's website.

#AI role in clinical trials - another great presentation duiring #Biotech day of #innoSHARE @Fundacja_PI this time delivered by Karolina Tkaczuk from @Ardigen_SA

Today Krzysztof Brzózka @krzysztofbrzoz6 & Magdalena Marciniak @magalenamarciniak from @SelvitaKrakow are taking part in the panel discussions at #BiotechForum during the 3rd day of #innoSHARE’18. #oncology #biotech https://t.co/cHSlBsyS6k

Dyrektor ds. naukowych i wiceprezes @SelvitaKrakow Krzysztof Brzózka @krzysztofbrzoz6 w dzisiejszym @Parkietcom. Zapraszamy do lektury!
https://t.co/d7N8ztP3Kb https://t.co/cyEM8qMm6Y

Let's inspire Poland! Let's meet, let's talk, let's empower Polish potential of science & business cooperation. Karolina and Emilia are looking forward to meeting you at the 4th innoSHARE'18 Congress in Warsaw: https://t.co/wL2e3lbV0W #innoShare #science #business

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