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🔬New findings about the interferon pathway having potential to be a biomarker & therapeutic target in #immunotherapy. Research from PICI's Andy Minn @PennCancer in collaboration w/ several other PICI scientists from @pennmedbench + @sloan_kettering. https://t.co/KBeQQxIrcj

Congratulations to Florencia McAllister @MDAndersonNews on her spectacular @CellCellPress paper showing the impact of the intratumoral #microbiome diversity in #PancreaticCancer on natural history & survival (NOT @justsaysinmice!)

We're back to dogma. Remember the paper last year that said the womb wasn't sterile. Well, it appears that was wrong.
https://t.co/7AuqJWPgKG @Nature @sangerinstitute @Cambridge_Uni
https://t.co/QZOXvS6brE @NatureNV @nsegata


New paper on origins of tumor-fighting immune cells after anti-PD-1 #immunotherapy by @HowardYChang @satpathology @StanfordMed + PICI’s Danny Wells, Samantha Bucktrout and Robin Kageyama in @NatureMedicine. A true collaborative effort! https://t.co/SAP2Lwi2j1 https://t.co/CREesNhOio

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Setareh Shamsili to the role of Chief Medical Officer at @SelvitaKrakow.
Read more: https://t.co/eMT3hltvDS
#SelvitaOncology #SelvitaPipeline #clinicaloncology #drugdiscovery #drugdevelopment

Very interesting treatment strategy - Dengue virus and DCs - https://t.co/8kkIddSEL6 #immunology #oncology #io #cancervaccine #immunotherapy

Very impressive gut #microbiome science to drive the right foods for promoting its maturation and help remedy malnutrition, as shown in a randomized trial of children


There's been recent use of #AI (particularly ML) to refine our understanding of #diet and nutrition.
A study this week on "hyperfoods" probed which foods have the most #cancer prevention potential @SciReport by @imperialcollege https://t.co/oShfA7qkPG #openaccess


We just published a brand new blog post discussing fundamental scientific challenges of in vitro HTS assay development. Enjoy! https://t.co/RFNbVALd3F
#SelvitaScienceBlog #screening #HTS #drugdiscovery #biology

The mathematics of #cancer metastasis
https://t.co/aCbGzVBeVr @PNASNews Insights about seeding (10-150 cells), the stochastic story, and heterogeneity from modeling, by Alex Heyde @jgreiter @naxerova @DrMANowak @Harvard


PICI investigator Phil Greenberg and his colleagues at @fredhutch have engineered T-cells to keep acute myeloid #leukemia from returning in 12 high-risk patients! Trial results were published in @NatureMedicine. #solvecancer #AMLsm 👊 🙌 https://t.co/H0uAqpTcVi

Researchers have uncovered the mechanism of regulation of exhausted CD8+ T-cells, which are important targets for immunotherapies. They found that the protein TOX is key in this process. https://t.co/QBVwv00as2 @parkerici @PennMedicine @nature @EJohnWherry

Our first edition of #SummerSchool has just started! Each day will be composed of half-day of lectures followed by half-day of practical exercises. We hope you will make the most of it! Good luck!

PICI scientists publish amazing papers! ✨ 3 faves from early 2019 are on cell therapy, brain cancer and T-cell differentiation mapping from @sloan_kettering @uclajccc @StanfordMed now featured on our PICI Publications page: https://t.co/KbxlaONEsu 👨‍🔬 👩‍🔬 🔬 #CIM19

Whoa. The gut #microbiome of elite athletes (marathon runners) has a bacterium that enhances performance, makes mice run longer, and this is mediated via lactate metabolism @NatureMedicine
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