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Sztuki walki: Tōgō Dōjō, Chi Ryu


Great work by Vyara Matson on #Microbiome role in response to checkpoint immunotherapy. Good to see great works in familiar field #sitc2019

Dr. Ronald Germain, National Institutes of Health, (@NIH, @NIAIDNews), takes the stage to deliver his keynote address, Using Advanced Multiplex Optical Imaging Methods to Study the Tumor Microenvironment and Response to Cancer Immunotherapy, to a packed room at #SITC2019.


Interested in #microbiome-based #stratification of #checkpoint #inhibition therapy #response? Come and talk to @janmajta poster P750 #SITC2019

We are excited to hear the starting keynote from a legend of immunology Dr. Ronald Germain #SITC2019 #Immunology #cancerimmunity

I am looking forward to talking about effective #cancervaccines #SITC2019

There is one more great poster from @RyvuTx about #A2A #A2B dual antagonist. P797. Catch them while you can! #SITC2019

Our friends from @RyvuTx are presenting a very interesting poster. Come and see before the session ends! #SITC2019 #STING #agonists

Fact:fun ratio maintained at excellent level at #SITC2019 😉 Great intro to CAR-T given by @MarcelaMaus https://t.co/5iKka8zaB9

We have some first-perspective coverage here at #SITC2019 😉 https://t.co/bN0bt3V7Tt

Last but not least talk on the role of bacteria by Shamin Li. Good to see how microbiome is becoming a thing in the field of cancer research #sitc2019

"Microbiome became a dogma here at SITC' as said by dr. Randy F. Sweis. Indeed, and it's here to stay. See it at our poster (P750) presented by @janmajta tomorrow! #SITC2019

So after PD1 and CTLA-4 where should we go? @HassaneZarour gives a lecture on why TIM-3 can be the next big thing! #SITC2019

The morning opened with excellent lecture of recipient of Smalley Award - Dr. Olivera Finn, who described her #cancervaccine road. Half a day later exciting talks continue with new #immune #checkpoint targets and combinations. In the picture Dr. Tarhini -#TLR agonists. #SITC2019

Fantastic introduction to #CARTcells by Marcella Maus of MGH happening now at #SITC2019

So interesting to see how fasting can impact the level of circulating macrophages! #sitc2019 @MiriamMerad @MountSinaiNYC

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