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#human #gut #bacteriophages #phages #microbiome #review https://t.co/KD1VPPCPUF

There's so much published on the gut #microbiome and links to health; so little on cause and effect. Now an outstanding report by @serenasanna1 @markmccarthyoxf and their colleagues use Mendelian randomization to establish cause https://t.co/i13BPff74S @NatureGenet #diabetes


Pathogen sequencing is "transforming the public health approach to infectious diseases, as well as the treatment of individual patients."
https://t.co/S14gmXCbPL @JAMA_current @CDCgov @CDC_Genomics @CDC_AMD by @martagwinn @dmaccannell G Armstrong @nanopore


If you'd like to go deep with me on #AI and medicine
https://t.co/EvUweuCumF @NatureMedicine
https://t.co/uQJCCfv8ps @NHS_HealthEdEng
the culmination of research over the past few years --> a very busy 2019

How do we take deep neural networks to the next #AI level?
Shimon Ullman @WeizmannScience on learning innate structures, as exist in the human cognitive system, enabling unsupervised learning
@sciencemagazine w/ @ScienceVisuals


A study of two large groups of Europeans has found several species of #gutbacteria are missing in people with #depression. The researchers can’t say whether the absence is a cause or an effect of the illness, but they showed that m…https://t.co/QJvAH9FsEY https://t.co/kIijDwrnSd

"The jobs of the future may not even be in computer science. They may actually be in life sciences" Sean Parker warns that China’s gene-edited babies are 'Sputnik 2.0,’ recommends every smart kid to study molecular biology https://t.co/MDGToCMJJj @statnews

We're now realizing that most/ ?every drug has interaction with our gut #microbiome. So methods to dissect the components are needed:
@sciencemagazine by @YaleMed


Poland ranked 2nd best country in the world to invest in or do business with in 2018 by CEO World https://t.co/iMl0i1BtRe @ceoworld

It was a great pleasure to welcome our special guest - Prof. John Quackenbush here at Ardigen. During three exciting hours of talks Prof. Quackenbush shared his extended experience in the analysis of genomic data, and... https://t.co/EjNZwkJYOz

Thank you @johnquackenbush for such an informative talk @Ardigen_SA @ITN_CONTRA #agilebioinformatics #bioinformatics #EmbracingTheComplexityOfBiologicalData

The fallout of #obesity in the young (age < 50): the associated rising toll of multiple #cancers and evidence of stepwise progression
https://t.co/NulVqis7Z2 @TheLancetPH #OA by @AmericanCancer @theNCI

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