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Sztuki walki: Tōgō Dōjō, Chi Ryu


#JITC Research: Avelumab in patients with previously treated metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma: phase 1b results from the JAVELIN solid tumor trial https://t.co/WcSWP8B4dc

Can a software developer cure cancer?
Join Łukasz Nowak and Piotr Radkowski from Ardigen and find out if you can make a difference.

November 22nd, 4pm at Rzeszow University of Technology, room B107.

#bioinformatics #artificialintelligence #precisionmedicine

Join @SelvitaKrakow CFO Boguslaw Sieczkowski @b_sieczkowski and CSO Krzysztof Brzozka @krzysztofbrzoz6 during investor webcast tomorrow at 10am CET! https://t.co/mmaTHsQTub

Our microbiome team (@kaja_milanowska and @janmajta) is attending 4th European #microbiome Congress in London today and tomorrow! You can find us by the poster on the function based research.

It's projected that in 2020 #cancer will override heart disease as the #1 cause of death in the US @CDCgov https://t.co/MLyeA6Ivx1
But the shift is not homogeneous and v influenced by inequities
https://t.co/zAUcIZxCNQ @AnnalsofIM


Join Marek Piątek at Science: Polish Perspectives conference organised by the @polonium_org to be part of the interdisciplinary collaboration, and the creation of links between business and academia
#bioinformatics #precisionmarketing
#personalizedmedicine #immunotheraphy

Single-cell sequencing of checkpoint-inhibitor-resistant #melanomas identifies predictive signatures to guide therapeutic approaches to overcome #immunotherapy resistance https://t.co/Flr40Uh8Fl

A new use of fecal #microbiome transplant: rescue from #cancer immunotherapy colitis (PD-1 blockade). Encouraging case reports of 2 patients w/ this life-threatening complication. @NatureMedicine https://t.co/LkXLVeggrI @JenWargoMD @RobJenqMD @MDAndersonNews and colleagues


Thank you @sitcancer for a fantastic meeting and for unique opportunity to buy this book from the author himself. Thank you @Nfcanavan for signing my copy 🙂 #SITC18


Drug Developer? YOU SHOULD BE HERE! Drs Marc Theoret @FDAOncology & Helen Chen @theNCI open #sitc2018 “HOT TOPC” session /see move of licensing application btwn slide 1 & 2 / ** ALSO NOTE NEW FDA DRAFT GUIDANCES #CANCER #IMMUNOTHERAPY @sitcancer #FINISHCANCER


Dr @jasonlukemd #cancer #immunotherapy Guru @UCCancerCenter reviews the #epocadostat data and possible explanations for failure of phase III /Plus advice for future rationale for moving to phase III @sitcancer #SITC2018


I AGREE WITH KEY PT! Dr Mario Sznol #immunotherapy Guru @YaleCancer & Future President @sitcancer “What we need is biomarker # 2 /the one that tells us what non responders will need 2 make them responders!” This is what #FoxLab @ChilesResearch & @UbiVac work on/#SITC2018 #cancer


Presenting on clinical genomics & cancer immunotherapy in kidney cancer at @sitcancer #SITC18 right now. Not here or want to follow along online? Here’s my presentation! <1/n>

What a wonderful opening of the @sitcancer conference day 2 by Dr. Philip D. Greenberg giving a fascinating talk about T cell engineering #SITC2018 #immunooncology

Tomorrow dr. Mateusz Nowak, @SelvitaKrakow Head of Cancer Metabolism and Immunometabolism Platform, will present new data from Selvita’s early stage #immunometabolism program targeting A2A/A2B, during the poster session at #SITC2018! #immunotherapy https://t.co/7udnv6NZGZ

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