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In this presentation, @janmajta presents the BiomeScout algorithm: a novel approach to metagenomic research. #microbiome

The intersection of #cancer with our circadian clock
An extraordinary review @NatureMedicine #chronobiology
by Paolo Sassone-Corsi & Selma Masri @UCIrvine
graphics by @diatomdeb @SpringerNature


Phase 1 Expansion Cohort Oral Presentations for Flotetuzumab, MacroGenics' CD123 x CD3 DART® Molecule, in Relapsed/Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia Presented at 60th ASH Annual Meeting https://t.co/Pfe6Csd6WY.

Combo #Immunotherapy is TOUGH https://t.co/i7yK04euG6 BUT HOLDS GREAT PROMISE TO #FinishCancer! https://t.co/Z1s3EFzjsu Believe future coming https://t.co/2s4ErBMtX8 FOR @breastcancer #PancreaticCancer & #PD1 Failures @ChilesResearch @UbiVac @ProvHealth +@AACRPres @HopkinsKimmel https://t.co/FyACSOgESv

In this presentation, @janmajta presents the BiomeScout algorithm: a novel approach to metagenomic research. #microbiome

Join @SelvitaKrakow @ #ASH2018 to learn the newest preclinical efficacy data with SEL120 in AML PDX models performed in collaboration with @lunduniversity COI and IHIT! poster 1520!

https://t.co/tc5uud0PdK The relation of #Tcells activation and frequency of #immunogenic #neoepiopes among #tumor subclones.

Prof Hassane Zarour #melanoma #immunotherapy Guru @upmc @PittsburghPG talks how #TIL are dysfunctional & can be recovered by dual blockade #TIM3 + #PD1 /clinical data in #NSCLC that failed PD1 is encouraging/#Bridge18 @sitcancer *SLIDE SET 1* @FondMelanoma @SocietyMelanoma


Wow! BLEW ME AWAY! Amazing data critical to improving #Immunotherapy! Prof Jerome Galon #immunoscore Guru @inserm in #Paris NEW THEORY FOR CANCER #EVOLUTION #Bridge18 @HalioDx @BMS_ImmunOnc_US @Merck @pfizer @Incyte @MedImmune @sitcancer @JohnCendpts @bradloncar #FinishCancer


2018 - the year of AML progress. First fairly selective FLT3 inhibitor approved. @SelvitaKrakow and Menarini hope that adding PIM inhibition to FLT3 with SEL24/MEN1703 will further improve patient outcomes https://t.co/4Rk10SIs5v

Prof Gordon Freeman #immunologist Extrordinaire @HarvardHealth @DanaFarber starts the great debate! #adaptive or #innate #immunity - Which is most important for #anti cancer immunity? Freeman squares of vs Prof Alberto Montovani @HUNIMED @acmilan #Bridge18 #Bridge2018 @sitcancer


One of the most challenging aspects of #cancer is its marked heterogeneity. This exceptional review @NatureCellBio zooms in on that at single-cell resolution https://t.co/piW8OynKbC
by @KessenbrockLab and colleagues @UCIrvine @UCSF


Join Ardigen tomorrow at 5:15pm to find out if you can make a difference. @JagiellonskiUni, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, room 1094. See you there!
#bioinformatics #personalisedmedicine #artificialintelligence #makeadifference #jagiellonianuniversity

For decades, we believed "mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is inherited solely from the mother."—@Wikipedia
Today, @PNASNews we learned that isn't true; it's not necessarily the case.
by @CincyChildrens @CincyKidsGenomX and collaborators

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