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It was simple when we thought B cells just made antibodies. Their current complexity, and the holes in our knowledge base, expertly reviewed in this @CellCellPress paper https://t.co/7wbnGpe5Y5 by @UCSF's Jason Cyster and Christopher Allen


Next frontier in study of gut bacteria: mining microbial molecules
Cultured and screened >100 diverse gut bacteria for production of molecules that activated host receptors, uncovered multiple chemical interactions between microbes and human hosts.

So it's not just 'take some bugs' that will help with cancer therapies! Great talk by @JenWargoMD ad Translational Conference

@Ardigen_SA EVP @kaja_milanowska just talked on how to design a bacterial consortium with focus on genomic features that leads to microbiome's functionalities!

Poster regarding details of the Phase 1/2 study of SEL24/MEN1703 accepted as a poster presentation at @ASCO Annual Meeting. #ASCO19 #AML #oncology #cancer #research
Read more: https://t.co/qcQAAfxpC3

We're at Translational Microbiome Conference in Boston right now. Tomorrow at 9am our EVP @kaja_milanowska will give a talk on rationale design of bacteria consortium, and how we mine for actionable genomic features in metagenomic haystack!

Excellent talk by @theladybeck I love the part on how little needs to change, to introduce errors taxonomy based study!

We just set our booth at Translational #microbiome conference, so if you want to get familiar with AI aided consortium design technology that we develop at @Ardigen_SA come and chat! #codeAgainstCancer

It's #BostonMarathon2019 today and #MicrobiomeConference tomorrow! So all I have in mind is a story of @FitBiomics led by @TrueHoopsNY
Never forget about your tiniest pacemakers!


Don’t miss out on this one! A brand new interview from @Edison_Inv_Res with Selvita CEO @przewiezlikowsk about the company split and plans for the Oncology division. https://t.co/iY8wQPz5JG
$SLV #SelvitaOncology #SelvitaCRO #healthcare

If you're in Boston next week our #mirobiome team @kaja_milanowska and @janmajta will be glad to meet you at Microbiome Conference to talk on how to #codeAgainstCancer https://t.co/CaQhFuUixf

(1/7) So apparently some (I hope very few) people online are using the fact that I am the primary developer of the eht-imaging software library (https://t.co/n7djw1r9hY) to launch awful and sexist attacks on my colleague and friend Katie Bouman. Stop.

Last few days we've visited few univesities sharing our #bioinformatics and #AI knowledge and experience with fellow studens. We showed them they too can help with fight against #cancer. Check our recent #joboffers https://t.co/UHQz74xdOT

Who's going to Translational Microbiome Conference 2019 in Boston next week? Save the date for a talk by @kaja_milanowska on how to mine for actionable features in metagenomic haystack! Thursday, 9am! #codeAgainstCancer @Ardigen_SA @apiotrowska4

Thank you all who joined @SelvitaKrakow team for the poster presentations at #AACR19. From now on, you can download the posters from Selvita’s website:
#SelvitaAgainstCancer #drugdiscovery #oncology

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