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Sztuki walki: Tōgō Dōjō, Chi Ryu


This evening, our two bioinformaticians will attend the second edition of Warsaw Genomics and Bioinformatics Meetup: https://t.co/flor2YTKaD. They will give a talk on how we fight against cancer using AI and Bioinformatics. Let's meet and exchange knowledge!

What happens when you combine #citizenscience and the gut #microbiome?
A very impressive report from @americangut @mSystemsJ #OA
effects of antibiotics, diet, mental health
@KnightLabNews @UCSDMedSchool @ASMicrobiology #openscience


Save the date and join our presentation at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. Our two experts will describe how a software developer can make a contribution towards cancer-free society. More about the event: https://t.co/EE9m2xPR2g

Today we had a pleasure to host a group of young bioinformaticians from the Chemistry Department at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Our team presented the concepts of our projects and described our motivation to fill the company's mission. #CodeAgainstCancer

Starting from the 15th of May, our team of science and business development experts will attend #BioIT in #Boston, MA: https://t.co/CzPhaLPcwm. Let's meet and discuss how #AI can speed up your #DrugDiscovery process! You will find the team at the conference's booth 210.

An impressive deep learning #AI study of #EHR + ~47 billion data points to predict hospital (re-)admissions, mortality, length of stay & more https://t.co/cH40jkBbtt #OA @Nature_NPJ Digital Medicine @JeffDean @alvin_rajkomar @GoogleAI @atulbutte @GoogleIO2018 #io18 @UCSFHospitals


Save the date and join our next open presentation! This Wednesday, on the 8th of May, at 11 am.

#Bioinformatics #Chemistry #MachineLearning #expertise https://t.co/zsZXR5YLQd

Welcome to crypto-genomics https://t.co/Lvszy3ZbtW
@NatureBiotech great work @MIT_CSAIL @Hoon_Cho @MIT @StanfordEng "We are entering the age where individuals may take ownership of their own personal genomes"


We learned a lot about IgA and the gut #microbiome this week
https://t.co/uPZ6U7wYEu @sciencemagazine
https://t.co/IqxKVk2tYi @ScienceTM
https://t.co/SeyHGhW3CX @SciImmunology


Genome-guided #cancer treatment: a debate @DHymanMD vs @VinayPrasadMD #AACR18 https://t.co/1z5HuhlF93 @sciencemagazine by @jocelynkaiser

Don't miss this expert's presentation! Our guest, Dr. Rafał Kurczab from Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Polish Academy of Sciences will describe the subject of his work and give examples of his semi-commercial projects. https://t.co/D8Pd7ktW8D

#BioTrinity2018 starts today in London!
Join us for 3 days of great networking at a leading biopartnering & investment conference in Europe. https://t.co/867Sc4mi5h

Second day of the 4th Translational Microbiome Conference starts with fascinating keynote from Dr. Julia Oh of Jackson Laboratory about #skin #Microbiome #metagenomics to #therapeutics

Study in @sciencemagazine Researchers from @UCSanDiego, HLI and other partner orgs reveal significant discovery: rare variants passed through fathers contribute to #autism. Made possible through whole genome sequencing + bioinformatics science and analysis https://t.co/IbzGurrMPp

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